About Us

Dillibazar is the center of Kathmandu, Kalikastan where on 4th Chaitra 2012 that is on 17th March 1956 AD Vijaya Memorial was established as a co-education school. This school basically got its foundation with the joint effort of the then former Rana Prime minister Mohan Shamser’s economic support and Mr. Lilaman Singh Basnyat Cheetri’s leadership. Vijaya Primary School of (2012 BS) 1956 AD is today’s Vijaya Memorial Higher Secondary School. It got secondary level affiliation from the department of education in 2019 BS i.e. 1962 AD. and was able to send its first batch of SLC in 2021 BS 1964 AD. It is now a Higher Secondary School with affiliation to HSEB in 2060 BS i.e. 2003 AD. It runs classes from Nursery to Class Ten in the day shift and +2 levels in Management, Humanities and Education in the morning shift. The school is glad to mention that students from 63 different districts in Nepal are currently pursuing their education in different levels. Education for all and education in affordable cost is its main dictum and has already spent its 58 glorious years in providing quality education. In course the school is able to produce many result oriented and able manpower working in different sectors in Nepal and abroad. Many actors, singers, public servants, engineers, lawyers and professors are its pride. With its history we see it’s basically a school for poor and working class family whereas there are private institutions for the rich and well to do families. Our graduates are our pride and they are the foundation of the nation. Former Prime Minister Mohan Shamser provided One Lakh Nepali rupees for the Vijaya Memorial Trust in the memory of his only son Vijaya Shamser. Since then Sardar Bhim Bahadur Pandey, Sardar Narendra Mani Acharya Dikshit, Subba Shree Hari Bahadur Shrestha many other learned public personalities have been its chairpersons during the school dual identity as Vijaya Adult Boys and Vijaya Adult Girls School. Now it is well recognized as Vijaya Memorial Higher Secondary School providing free quality education to more than one thousand students up to class ten and also has been running +2 for about 500 students in different streams.

Vijaya Memorial Secondary School